Summarizing Rachel Donadio

Hi, I’m Rachel Donadio and I’m working off of the literary feud article boilerplate. Let’s see. Mailer. Mailer. Rushdie-Updike. Tom Wolfe. You know the drill. Don’t mention Queenan-Jacobs because Sam LOVES Queenan! He is a friend! A friend of the NYTBR! Also, the blogosphere is evil but I have no examples to prove my point. (Sorry about that. I just needed another dig at those evil litbloggers because clearly the NYTBR is superior.) This has been a 1,400 word essay that has covered the basics because Sam and I really resent the reading public.


  1. DearRachel

    I readyour commnets on Sir was brilliant, simply brilliant.. as for me I am working on Taj Mahal.. google the word and read ” Taj Mahal the True Story” , and also google ” Tejomahalaya” and ” Professor Marvin H. Mills..”
    Keep up the good work

    Karam Ramrakha
    ex Fiji M P etc.. was M P in Fiji from 1966- t0 1982

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