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As Ron has observed, the the NYTBR has culled together blogosphere “reactions” (which strangely refers to Scott’s blog as “Conversational Name;” do you “regret the error,” Sam?) to their Best Fiction Survey and the more stinging criticisms from Levi Asher, Tayari Jones, Galleycat and here (among many others) have been elided from the bunch. Not that it’s any particular surprise. Although one would think that an editor who has publicly declared his own book review section “the best book review section in the United States” might find more inspiration in John Leonard than with Dimitry Shepilov.

[UPDATE: As of today (June 8), the Times changed Scott’s blog to its correct name, “Conversational Reading.” Curiously, however, the Times didn’t list this change among its Corrections. Does Tanenhaus believe himself to be above the fray? Apparently so. Or perhaps he simply can’t bring himself to “regret the error.” It might just spoil his lunch.]

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  1. “Conversational Reading” has always been called “Conversational Name,” comrade. It is seditious to suggest otheriwse.

    And we have always been at war with Eurasia.

    (wait a sec! Eurasia is US!!!)

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