Technical Difficulties

My desktop is out of commission right now. I hope to check in later.

UPDATE: I am now CHKDSKing, which should take some time. If you emailed me on the main edrants account in the past two days and it’s urgent, try me on the Yahoo account.

UPDATE 2: Thank you, Microsoft! It’s time for a goddam clean install. By the way, if your registry hive ever gets corrupted, this is a great resource.

Updating will be mostly nonexistent while I spend my time reinstalling Windows and all my damn programs.

UPDATE 3: I’m now writing this from the desktop, now denuded of its former glory. Thankfully, I didn’t have to slipstream to get Windows to recognize the new 500 GB SATA drive. (For those who encounter the 137 GB limitation problem on either XP or 2000, this will solve your problem.) I now have a fresh install and, after I finish formatting the logical partition, I hope to transfer the data from the old drive over. I have three podcasts almost ready to go, but alas, the hard work of reinstalling all the programs will begin once this current nonsense is done. I’m hoping to get everything tweaked over the weekend. Bear with me.

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