Technical Difficulties

My desktop decided to crap out on me and I am currently in the process of resuscitating it. The problem’s either the power supply or the motherboard (and it looks likely to be the former). But between this and deadlines, I’ve become a frantic monkey. Bear with me.

[UPDATE: After a barebones cardboard boot, I’ve traced the problem. The mobo appears to be pretty much dead, in that the power is inconsistent, shutting on and off. I’m RMAing this bastard and grabbing a new one. I hope to be back in action tonight.]

[UPDATE 2: After many trips to Datavision and J&R, I’m desktopless for the time being, and going to give up for now so that I can beat these deadlines.]

[UPDATE 3: Just about back in business on the desktop. Turns out that it was a power supply/heating issue, remedied by a Zalman CNPS9500 LED fan (which I highly recommend over the shitty Cooler Master fans). Hope to respond to email I received in the last few days quite soon. As to the Mac acolytes who offered snarky comments, in the time it took for me to rectify my hardware problem, you’d likely be waiting for a reservation at the so-called Genius Bar. No thanks. I’m the kind of guy who likes to know what’s under the hood.]


  1. Oh Ed… You need to drink the Apple Kool-Aid. I’ve given up on the traditional Windows PC. Last summer I sent my HP Laptop in for repairs. Four months later and many phone calls later I finally got a new laptop with Vista on it. (I think they lost my original laptop)

    This year when I went to MacWorld Expo my MacBook Pro (work computer) had a battery problem. I made an appointment at the so called “Genius Bar” and 15 minutes into the diagnosis they gave me a brand new battery. You can’t beat that type of customer service.

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