Tell A Half-Truth Long Enough and People Will Call You On It

As previously reported, Lauren Slater is in hot water over unsubstantiated allegations in her book, Opening Skinner’s Box. Ms. Slater states that Deborah Skinner spent the first 2 1/2 years of her life locked in a box. But as reported by Alex Beam, Ms. Slater’s sources were shaky. Ron has also been on the case. After Ron pointed out the dubious nature of additional sources, Ms. Slater herself responded. The results stand alone.

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  1. In all fairness, up until Slater wrote in to complain, all I’d really been doing was passing along what I’d read; the British press deserves all the recognition for calling attention to the dispute between her and her sources. And when she criticized me (among others) for not reading the actual chapter, well, she had a point, so I took her up on it, in stages, and, well, it was a very bad bluff on her part, because all the evidence she invited me to look at only makes her look worse.

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