Terrorist Attacks in India

Forget the tomfoolery. Some serious news in India (live stream). 80 dead in Mumbai, hundreds injured.

NDTV: “A Briton who escaped the terrorist attack at the five-star Oberoi Hotel in Mumbai Wednesday night said the attackers specifically asked for American and British tourists.”

Bloomberg reports that “as many as 80 people were killed and 240 injured in India’s financial hub of Mumbai as gunmen armed with rifles and grenades raided five-star hotels in the country’s first terrorist attack targeting foreigners.”

Reuters: “The chief minister of Maharashtra state said on Thursday the situation in Mumbai was still not under control after attacks by gunmen across the financial hub.”

India Times: 11 policemen dead.

For current updates, see Mahalo and Mumbai Twitter tag for leads on stories.

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  1. Elites sipping tea and sleeping inside of 400 thread count sheets while blocks away, millions live in poverty, drinking sewer water and eating garbage. And everyone is surprised? Be surprised this doesn’t happen every single day.

  2. Now the time has come when The Youth of India Awakens here in india live 80 crore youth that can no longer tolerate these attacks.Now we will retaliate and United we stand for our peace.Some body tell those fools who do this. Our foundations are strong, even millions of tonnes of RDX cannot falter us. THIS IS INDIA.

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