Terrorist Plot

I woke up to craziness this morning. News here.

What is the evidence of this plot? There are 21 people arrested, but they better be damn clear on what went down. The skeptic in me wonders if the “no liquids” ban is a disingenuous way for airlines and airports to sell more beverages.


  1. Yeah, let’s all dehydrate on the plane, thank you very much. Speak before thinking and millions of travellers are affected. Nice!

  2. “What is the evidence of this plot? There are 21 people arrested, but they better be damn clear on what went down.”

    One thing thing that didn’t go down….. airplanes loaded with hundreds of people!

    I don’t think that the law enforcement community takes its task lightly and would hardly have moved on this plot if not warranted.

  3. And of course we all know, don’t we Sarah, that there’s simply nothing worse than dehydrating on a plane, is there? Dear God, when will these outrageous affronts to our personal water levels end?

  4. Steve: A fair point and I don’t believe that this was a decision taken lightly. But without substantive information (say, the identities of those arrested or the specific ring they set up), this is nothing less than conjecture. Due process and all that.

    I think Sarah’s concern is valid, given flight delays, the general slipshod service I’ve encountered among cross-country flights, and the hot summer prespiration. Further, flight attendants and passengers are known to suffer from dehydration because of cabin pressure. And let’s say you have a cold. Well, you can suffer permanent sinus damage because the body cavities expand.

    Noddy: Why don’t you educate your ignorant ass and read this?


  5. what i don’t get is why the ban on liquids when The Law Enforcement Community was able to thwart The Terrorists without such a ban in place?

    Security is inversely proportional to convenience/function. Few would argue that the most secure flights would be those with no cargo and no passengers. Who knows? It may yet come to this. The trick obviously being to find a balance between security & convenience.

    To me it is unreasonable to ban ALL LIQUIDS from air travel.

    I have spoken.

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