Terry Gross

“Gee, you know, I enjoy hearing Ira Glass talk about anything. But hearing him talk about me? That’s absolutely thrilling!”

Terry Gross is not planning on improvising. So good on her for knowing her limitations. She has not yet said FREEEEEEEEEEEEEESHHHH AIRRRRR!

“I never dreamed that I would be honored at the National Book Awards, and without even having to write a book.”

“Book interviews can be pretty perplexing. I once met a political correspondent who stormed out when I asked him a question that wasn’t in the book.” By contrast, an actor who wrote a book wouldn’t answer questions because the answers were already in his book.

“Why do I love talking to writers? Well, because non-fiction writers tell us things we don’t ever know.”


She’s boasting now about J.T. Leroy’s interview being used as court evidence.

“Fiction allows a novelist to get at the truth.”

Really? I did not know that.


  1. Second the Will Self. But ask Terry Gross for a tape or transcript of her JT LeRoy interview. Attempts have been rebuffed.

  2. Fresh Air would be so much more interesting if Terry had Gene Simmons and the Reverend Al Green as regular co-hosts.

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