The Bat Segundo Show #17

Author: Mark Ames

Condition of Mr. Segundo: Relaxed and possibly malingering.

Subjects Discussed: Falling asleep during interviews, online terror threats,, language as a source of enslavement, using linguistics to prove a thesis, the similarities between slavery and MBA management theory, the advantages of being both an expatriate and anthropologist, Hunter S. Thompson, conformity, rage murders, Columbine, the torture of high school, on being “strange” in American society, reaching out to the fringe, Stalin, September 11th, compassion, the American people vs. the American government, Katrina, nice people, Nat Turner, happiness and sickness in terrible situations, Kelly Bennnett and Al Deguzman, finks as heroes, Linda Tripp, Judith Miller, the framework of inner-city riots, the “let’s move on” mentality, zero tolerance, “bowling,” filing grievances, Ward Cleaver as metaphor, the film Office Space as propaganda, the opportunism of Morgan Spurlock and Eric Schlosser, preaching to the converted, Kuntsler’s The Long Emergency, on writing a polemic without a conclusion, Edward Limonov, the National Bolshevik Party, the Black Panther Party Platform, the advantages of Russian expat journalism, Rep. Henry Bonillo’s threats, the current state of American journalism, prudishness, whores, William T. Vollmann, the evil of Chuck Klosterman, Ames’ response to Klosterman’s claims at Zulkey, Klosterman’s revisionism, and co-opting the “loser” mentality.

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  1. I just stumbled across your blog and instantly became addicted to your crack-like archives. Truly, I laughed out loud. Nice work. Very nice work.

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