The Bat Segundo Show #51: OGIC, Scott Esposito & Edie Meidav


Guests: OGIC, Scott Esposito and Edie Meidav (LBC Nominee, Summer 2006).

Condition of Mr. Segundo: Running away from the Bolsheviks.

Subjects Discussed: Dancing about architecture, Humbert Humbert, antiheroes, character names and wordplay, Nabokov, the memory of environment vs. its inevitable change, balancing secondary characters against a complex protagonist, the real-life inspiration for the wastrels, writing in sheds, various notions of “crawl space,” cross-graphs, visual elements contained within text, on being edited at FSG, “throwing out crazy trees,” discarded subplots, drowning babies, mining abandoned material vs. moving forward, and introducing loaded guns in the first act.

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