The Big Idea

For the past ten years I have been looking for a forum in which to express my one big idea.

I believe I have finally found that forum.

Here is the idea:

In the television show Land of the Lost, the character of Chaka (pictured above) functions as a physical manifestation of the incest taboo.

For Marshall, Will, and Holly, the choice is simple. Either continue searching for a way home, or give up and, er, found a new civilization. Chaka’s presence keeps them searching.

[what, ed, no “incest” tag?]


  1. I like that idea, though I always thought Will was gay.

    In any case, I smell a platform presentation at the next MLA meeting…

  2. The adult Chaka — or at least the actor who portrayed him (it? she?) — once tried to pick up a friend of a friend of mine by utilizing the tried and true line: “Hey, I was Chaka on Land Of the Lost.”

  3. Hey, that’s actually a pretty good idea. I don’t know that you’ll get much debate on that, though.

    Chaka would have a hard time picking up chicks, I think. I forgot his name, and I used to watch that show religiously.

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