The Big Lesson Here: Perhaps City Hall and Topless Mitchell Brothers Dancers Shouldn’t Be Combined For A…Ahem…”Training” Film

I’m howling with laughter over how the City and the 49ers will handle this, particularly since the stunning video embarassment is readily available online. Offensive stereotypes, girl-on-girl action, homophobia, racism, and the 49ers — much of it shot in Mayor Gavin Newsom’s office.

Political corruption hasn’t been this fun to watch this since Marion Barry’s cocaine video.


  1. This can be filed in the “How stupid can you be?” category. What the hell was the PR director thinking?

  2. Seriously, what the fuck? I was getting to like Newsom, but again, what the fuck? He does know that the Republicans are painting him and the rest of SF as corrupt, godless, and hedonistic, right? He is aware that every right wing pundit in America will use this to bash Democrats ceaselessly right up until the 2006 election, right? Just checking, because if he wasn’t aware someone should have informed him before he let the 49ers have a fucking porn party in his office.

    Seriously, dude, I like the Democrats, but they have a fucking image problem. It’s not all their fault because ring-wingers love to lie their asses off, but they have been painted in a certain way and shit like this is not helping. Not fucking helping at all.

    Goddamnit Newsom, what the fuck were you thinking?

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