The Book Babes Must Be Stopped

Ron points to this despicable column from the Book Babes, which not only suggests that journalism and book publishers should hold back in their coverage, but actually states the following:

[D]on’t you think that it’s reasonable for people to expect that depravity won’t be served up with our cornflakes? This expectation has been sorely tested this week. Over and over again, we see the same photos of prison abuse in Iraq. And now, you can even witness the slaughter of an American innocent on the Internet. When does freedom yield to a form of depravity, of witnessing torture and death as if it were normative?

The stunning ignorance and willing denial expressed in this paragraph requires not only a detailed response, but a call to action that will get things changed at Poynter. At the moment, I do not have the time for either. But rest assured, for all who signed Mark’s petition and for all who give a damn about the current journalistic clime, I will be in touch with you in the near future. More to come.


  1. Later, she says “If a book offends one individual’s sensibilities, that person shouldn’t read it.” Heaven forbid my sensibilities be offended by this. That might evoke an emotional response and a geniune negative opinion of those responsible.
    How un-American of me.

  2. It just occurred to me how her hatred of seeing icky real-life events in her morning news coincides with her old disdain for political books–before she was reprogrammed to like them–because they were taking up too much space in the book review scene. One wonders just how much reality she’s capable of confronting AT ALL.

  3. Sounds to me like she needs to take a break. News is there to enlighten, enrich and keep us in contact with our immediate world and the world at large – to compel us to action. Now, sometimes, and ESPECIALLY in this information saturated time we live in, it’s possible to get overloaded and jaded without a clue how to proceed. At that point, TAKE A BREAK from news outlets and breathe and then come back with your resolve intact. Don’t just write off everything as “icky” and therefore not worthwhile to respond to or interact with.

  4. Take a step back. Breathe nice and slowly. The column was written by people who don’t know the difference between a papaya and a pomegranate. ‘Nuff said.

  5. WH… whah? I… Let’s all turn our wrath on SIMON! Get him! Chase him down that alley! I’ll get his feet! Suzanne, you kick him to the ground and Ed… I think it’s time to get out the Hot Wheels track. We dun got oursefs some “tracking” to do.

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