The Carrot Stick Conspiracy

Okay, folks, there is a vital issue that has been troubling me this morning, one I hope that I’m not alone on.

What on earth happened to carrot sticks? There was a time, perhaps fifteen years ago, when one went to a party and found copious carrot sticks available on a vegetable platter. These carrot sticks were not ellipitical, but pared down into a thin three-sided stick. If they were particularly compelling carrot sticks, each end would form a perfect isosceles triangle. The sticks, I must point out, were much longer than the baby carrots we enjoy today.

baby carrots.jpgBut those halcyon days of veggie snacking are gone! Now the carrot industry, having made something of a splash on the baby carrot front, has now made our decisions for us. One now picks up a baby carrot and dips it into ranch dressing, wondering what became of those glorious orange triangular prisms.

Understand, dear readers, that I harbor no particular ill will towards ellipitically pared vegetables. I’m just wondering why everyone has willingly accepted this development without question. Why is there no army of scruffy twentysomethings picketing Safeway, pointing out that the carrot stick is now near extinct and that this insensitive move on the part of carrot growers simply will not stand?

Am I the only one who misses the carrot stick? Am I the only one who nibbles the ends of a baby carrot, hoping that the triangle will emerge like a sculpture embedded within a slab of clay? Why didn’t we get a vote on this? Surely, the triangle is just as compelling as the circle!


  1. Y’know, Ed, I remember carrot sticks fondly, too. But they had a problem – short shelf life. When just cut, they were terrific, but they did not keep fresh longer than an hour or two. And the packaged sticks were inevitably mealy, stale, and anything else bad an orange stick can be. So on average, I’ll go with baby carrots. But the fresh crunchy sticks are missed.

  2. Not to be a conspiracy weirdo, but… I think it might be more profitable to sell those so-called “baby carrots”. Don’t they take a full carrot and whittle it down to that little thing that you see everywhere? So the carrot-whittlers buy LOTS more carrots to make those little nubs. In the glory days of prisms, almost the whole carrot was used… Maybe? Possibly?

  3. ….i just chopped up carrots myself the long ones and ate it, there still there, i get mine at whole foods…

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