1. For years most of his post-Police years I’ve been calling him “Stung”… He’s only at about 1/3 his former power. Though it was good to see him with the axe in hand. I kept thinking, just sing the song, but then wondered if he could. Did he have a cold? Copeland was awesome as usual, but seemed as though he was going to go all jazzy and off-beat at a moment’s notice. He also looked a bit like Mrs. Doubtfire. I feel so old.

  2. I disagree. Maybe I’m a sap, but I thought it was great. Sting’s ego will probably never allow him to say so, but this reunion and the expression on his face is a de facto admission that The Police’s music is infinitely more interesting than the last 20 years of Sting’s smooth jazz dreck. Copeland and Summers are unique and part of that comes from their ability to temper Sting’s wankier tendencies.

  3. I still like Sting. He can still write a good song. This Police reunion was exciting, but in retrospect, the performance was kinda lame. Roxanne – such an obvious choice, and the meaning of it has been totally lost. I’m not sure why they played that song when it made it so obvious that Sting can’t hit the high notes anymore. It’s been upstaged by the Moulin Rouge tango version.

  4. Someone else pointed this out days ago, but it bears repeating:

    The Police opened the Grammy Awards with a song about prostitution.

    Hmm. An obvious choice, maybe. But so appropriate.

    The others may have gained a little weight, but Sting certainly still is in Feyd-Rautha shape, isn’t he?

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