The Final Shreds of PGW: How Low Can You Go?

Publishers Weekly: “In what is likely one of the last sales of note in the AMS bankruptcy proceedings, the distributor and the Perseus Books Group have filed a motion with the bankruptcy court seeking its approval to sell the PGW name and office leases in Berkeley, Calif., and New York City to Perseus for $80,000. According to the motion, the sale involves ‘all intellectual property associated with the PGW and Publishers Group West marks and names, including but not limited to brand, logo and naming rights.’ The purchase also includes the signs above the front doors and reception desks at the New York and Berkeley locations. In addition, Perseus will pick up office equipment, furniture and data.”

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  1. OMG has this made publishing books with former PGW clients a massive pain in the ass (through no fault of the publishers, just on the distribution end). That’s really all I had to say – I didn’t realize how much the distribution would affect me, though thankfully my issues are finally sorted out, and none too soon at that.

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