The I’m Catching Up on News You’ve Probably Read Already Roundup


  1. I’m encouraged by the Potter rumor, as well. But given all the sorcery going on in Rowlings’ oeuvre, she could easily reincarnate him in the future–especially at the best of her frantic publishers should they happen to see her post-Potter releases coming falling short of the 10 million sales mark.

    “Dammit, Jo, resuscitate! Resuscitate!”

  2. Ed, for TNR you have to register and login and THEN open the review link. Otherwise you get a blank page. Create an account and you should be able to see it.

  3. i would like to point out that Gabriel Garcia Marquez had nothing to do with the attempted name change of his home town. I have no further information than that which is contained in the article. I admire Marquez as much for his writing prowess as for his integrity. Lobbying to get Aracataca changed to Macondo would be an odious move, wouldn’t it?

  4. Anyone reading Gravity’s Rainbow can spot the other Borges shout-out: the major character Katje Borgesius.

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