The “It’s Tuesday Good Gravy!” Roundup

  • As everyone knows, the writers-to-general population ratio in Brooklyn is considerably higher than, say, the affluent liberal-to-general population ratio of Ross, California. Thankfully, publishing houses are picking up the slack.
  • Sarah has the goods on the Dagger nominees.
  • It’s an utter mystery why DC Comics didn’t explore this possibility years ago.
  • Chick lit. Lad lit. Chica lit.
  • This week in David Mitchell interviews: Arthur Salm. (See also Callie’s continuing series.)
  • The infamous Bob Hoover talks with Richard Ford and gets very little outside of “It’s a big book, it’s an ambitious book and it’s also the last book I’m going to write about Frank Bascombe, so I want it to be as good as I can get it.” Thanks, Bob, for firing off those hardballs! See you in the batting cages after our game of mini golf!
  • The Age contemplates Beckett.
  • Canadian writer Charlotte Gill has won the $10,000 Danuta Gleed Literary Prize for Ladykiller.
  • The Companion to British History took 30 years to write, killed at least sixteen people, cost well over four million pounds, was responsible for that New Coke idea, has permitted Brett Ratner to find work, is responsible for the abject hot dog to hot dog buns packaging shortfall, has caused several Jack Russell terriers to be sacrificed to an unspecified volcano god, and is known to cause blindness.
  • Ginsberg’s “Howl”: fifty years later.
  • Beth Orton wants to write books. (via LHB)
  • Details on the new Mountain Goats album.
  • Yo, New Yorker, blog articles are so six years ago.
  • And can we declare a moratorium on recognizing Katie Couric? You’d think that Couric was either a conversational genius or a former Senator, given MSNBC’s ridiculous spread.

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