The Katrina Horror Lives On

Jenny D breaks some terrible news. In an ongoing New Orleans homicide epidemic, five people were recently killed in 14 hours. They included filmmaker Helen Hill and Paul Gailiunas, a doctor who helped low-income patients. (UPDATE: Paul did not die. My apologies. He was shot, but remains in stable condition.) I didn’t know these two, but Jenny vouches for them as good people and I believe her. The thought of people being murdered because that Bush and FEMA view New Orleans as a problem that will eventually go away is enough to make me want to destroy something.


  1. Hi Edward. The news is still terrible, but you’ve misread it: Paul survived, as did the couple’s 2-year-old son Francis Pop (the Times-Pic report was a bit confusing).

    Helen, who was one of the nicest people I’ve ever met (only Paul Gailiunas comes close), was indeed killed.

  2. all of us in N.O.who wanted them to return here are heartbroken. the city seems to continue breaking down, with few city services available, many of us fear the worst for the future and there’s much talk about getting out of the city. the good fight sucks.

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