The Last Disclaimer

This blog exists to amalgamate personal sentiments and information with general satirical tomfoolery. Often, details are placed in posts that are obviously fictitious. The staff leaves readers to infer what is true and what is not true. We are, after all, inveterate jokers, to the point where we are now using first person plural, a stylistic vice that we genuinely hate and previously derided. You see, it is possible to advocate evil for a moment.

Most readers are capable of making the distinction. We respect the readers to use their noggins and click upon the links presented, and to confirm the information. We trust our readers to know when we are being truthful and when we are pulling your leg. Sometimes, we do both simultaneously. And we encourage our readers to respond with equally silly responses or, in the case of arguments, counterpoints, additional angles, or exposes of the issues.

To all who like to play, the lawn is watered every day. If this is not your cup of tea, then you’re not alone. Might I recommend instead the upcoming Starsky and Hutch, an upcoming film which looks to be the most straightforward intellectual achievement of the year?

There will be no further disclaimers. But I do intend to boycott Mars.

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