The Lost Groucho?

It’s good to see Yardley giving props to the new Broadway Comedies volume from Library of America. With its able collection of George Kaufman plays, it appears a must own for anyone interested in theatre and comedy. My only quibble with Yardley’s review is his strange suggestion that “there aren’t that many people under 60 who remember Groucho that clearly.” I beg to differ, given the Marx Brothers’ indelible imprint upon our cultural lexicon. But if Yardley is referring to theatre, given that Animal Crackers was staged a good 76 years ago and that Groucho didn’t appear on Broadway after, one wonders where Yardley’s hiding the keys to the time machine. Or does Washington Post Book World now cater to a nonagenarian (or perhaps a non-aging) demographic? Inquiring minds want to know, if only because the Weekly World News has stopped thinking.


  1. Well, there was Groucho in his YOU BET YOUR LIFE INCARNATION, or his memorable cameo in WILL SUCCESS SPOIL ROCK HUNTER, all of which were in the 1950s.

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