The Madness of King George

For the first time in Bush’s presidency, the majority of Americans has serious reservations about Dubya. And it only going to get lower. Not Nixon low, but close enough to strike blood. Little George Fauntleroy, of course, believes, “The way you earn credibility with the American people is to set a clear agenda that everybody can understand, an agenda that relates to their lives, and get the job done.”

But that’s just George’s problem. The American people clearly understand the problem and the disapproval is getting close to including just about everybody. This abomination of a leader has kissed so many girls and made them cry that running away only makes him look even more incompetent.

I’m wondering how many more lives or pennies per gallon it will take to get the approval rating down to the twenties. I’m wondering how much demonstratable corruption, dug up by Fitzgerald or the Phase 2 committee, it will take. Of course, it could be as simple as getting both houses back in next year’s midterm election, assuming there’s more Demo spine to stand on.

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