The Most Popular Segundo Shows of the Past Month

Here are the most popular Segundo podcasts from the last month.

10. Dana Spiotta
9. Amy Sedaris
8. Nina Hartley
7. Jennifer Weiner
6. The May Queen Panel
5. Paula Kamen
4. Rupert Thomson, Edward Falco, Megan Sullivan & Scott Esposito (because of Virginia Tech?)
3. Amanda Filipacchi & Kevin Smokler
2. Erica Jong
1. Lydia Millet (big Japanese audience, apparently, probably due to the nuclear bomb themes in Oh Pure and Radiant Heart)

Either there’s something off with my stats or it seems that there are a lot of people out there who want to listen to smart women.

David Lynch, incidentally, is just behind Spiotta, which surprised the hell out of me.

The Segundo audience seems to be holding at around 3,000-5,000 per show and there seem to be a lot of listeners in France. Which presumably makes me the Jerry Lewis of podcasting. But I thank all people who have listened to the shows, and remain somewhat baffled that there’s such an audience for this.

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  1. If you had my crazy commute and relied on podcasts and the like to keep your sanity like I do? You wouldn’t be baffled anymore, trust me.


  2. …it seems that there are a lot of people out there who want to listen to smart women.

    This is surprising? There’s so much to be said for smart people discussing work about which they feel passionate.

    I hadn’t listened in a while — the podcasts do tend to pile up — but I recently listened to and really enjoyed the China Miéville interview.

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