The First Annual RotR Naughty Reading Photo Contest

Since we are somewhat time-challenged at the moment, we’ve decided to embark on an ill-advised idea that calls for your participation.

Return of the Reluctant hopes to shake up these pristine pages with the First Annual Naughty Reading Photo Contest.

What we would like our readers to do is send us your visual approximation of what naughty reading is. Naughty readers do not have to be exclusively female. To keep this thing equal opportunity (and desirable for any and all sexual persuasions), we want naughty male readers too. Send your entries in JPEG form to ed AT before August 31, 2005. (Filesize should be no more than 60K per entry. Anything over that will be disqualified.) Photos are limited to one per participant. So do send us your best photo. We will post the photos (along with designated credit, if desired) as they come in and eventually establish them on a separate page.

So that there is some incentive for this thing, the winner will receive a Powell’s $20 Gift Card.

From here, we will announce three finalists which you, the readers, can vote on.

So have at it, naughty book lovers, academics and librarians alike! Show the world right now that reading is sexy and salacious!