The New “Greedo Shoots First?”

Among the changes in the Blade Runner final cut:

In the scene where Batty confronts Tyrell, the line, “I want more life, fucker” has been replaced with “I want more life, father”. In the same scene, after Batty has killed Tyrell, he now says to Sebastian, “I’m sorry Sebastian. Come. Come.”

I’m sorry, but as far as I’m concerned, Batty’s line, as growled in the telltale feral manner of Rutger Hauer, was a quintessential component to the movie. Will the fanboys be up in arms over this?


  1. I’m torn on this issue. First and foremost I believe in the artist/author’s right to play with his/her own toys and make as many changes as he wants.
    A) Is Ridely Scott the author here, or the scriptwriters? Whose right is it to make the changes?
    (Even Rutger Hauer improvised a few lines. What’s he got to say?)

    B) Isn’t BLADE RUNNER rather too thin on dialogue in the first place — in fact bordering on obtuse?

    C) Remake Fatigue sets in: Aaaaarrgghh!! Can’t you *#%*¤* leave well alone and make another movie instead of fiddling with your old ones?!?


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