The Non-Winners

Lebowitz is now holding a sixty-page list containing the non-winners since 1950. She points out that A Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger is a “non-winner.” Beloved by Toni Morrison also lost. “She didn’t go to New Hampshire. In fact, she’s here tonight. (applause) And if were to ask me, she looks kind of expectant.”

Lebowitz’s barbs are quite funny (at our table, Marydell even tittered!), but it is too clear that she is reading from the paper.


  1. “She’s hear tonight”?

    I mean, as long as we’re being honest–y’know, calling Michael Cunningham pompous, and then essentially calling Fran Lebowitz (whose name you misspelled, by the way) a hypocrite for saying she was winging her remarks–maybe you should learn the difference between “hear” and “here,” Ed.

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