The Secret to Being Shamelessly Lionized? Convince the Public That You’re Real

Patricia Harrington of Nashville, TN: “He was an honest man — very honest — and a real man.”

John Morton of Cumming, GA: “That’s what impressed me, that he was a real person.”

F. Lyman Simpkins, Mayor of Pemberton Borough, NJ: “As farm [sic] as I’m concerned, he was a real man to look up to as I went through the political end of it.”

Katie Heideman of Littleton, CO: “He was a real person.”

Gary Mervis of Rochester, NY: “[H]e was just a real person, a very nice person.”

Donny Lingle of Manheim, PA: “He was just a real person.”


  1. Wow, that’s ambiguous. I once asked someone what “keeping it real” meant, and apparently it had to do with being adversarial despite the social consequences. At least, according to this person. “Real”. What does thatm ean to be “real”? To be genuine? Soft spoken? Engaging? Humble, perhaps. It boggles the mind. Weird.

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