The Skinny on Sarvas

Jewish Journal: “But to really understand why people still come to Hollywood, and why they continue to pitch and write on spec, or still write literary novels and/or start blogs — and continue to do so in the face of the changing industry — you have but to turn to Sarvas’s favorite novel, ‘Gatsby’ (and let’s not forget that Fitzgerald himself ended his days here). Is there a better explanation for the essential optimism that animates our lives and that inspires Sarvas and ‘The Elegant Variation’ than how Fitzgerald concludes his great novel?”

Oh come on, Mr. Teicholz. I count Mark as a pal, but this is a bit much.


  1. Pretty good profile of Mark – though the repeated juxtaposition of LA and Hungary discomforted me. It made me think of 1996, when a USC alum, seeking funds for an upcoming civil suit, made an appearance (via satellite) on Hungarian television, interviewed by a presenter, as the Brits say, sitting in a Budapest studio. The Eurodude actually introduced his guest – in English – as “our hero, OJ.”
    (Even given Hungarian attitudes towards women, as exemplified in most of their poets from Ady on down, I still thought, just now, that repeated YouTube viewings of Assy McGee had addled me to the point of inducing FMS in my cortex. But no – put “our hero OJ” into Google Groups and the AP story from ’96 comes right up.)

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