There Are Reasons

If I haven’t answered your email during the past six weeks, there’s a reason. (And if you’re interested in seeing the results and you’ll be in San Francisco in September, showtimes are here. Please note that there are no advance tickets, no late seating, and all shows start on time. Also note that our show is cheaper, shorter, and less stupid than, say, getting gouged by M. Night for The Village, and also has a fantastic cast to boot.)

If I haven’t posted many entries, there’s another unrelated reason (on the hush hush insane deadline side of the fence) and even another (also hush hush).

If I’ve had strange dietary habits of late, there are reasons that go beyond these.

Sayonara for now. The next month is seventeen hour days (at bare minimum), with rare check-ins. I leave this blog in the hands of the capable superfriends (some of whom have fantastic plans), should they wish to weigh in. Please check out the folks on the left.

If you’re interested in becoming a superfriend (why stop here?), feel free to email me.