There’s Also This New Rap Thing That Causes Teenagers to Shoot Each Other Up in the Streets!

I don’t know who this Michelle Malkin person is. But her claim that emo is a soundboard for self-mutiliation is instantly deflated when she declares emo as “a new genre of music.” Jesus, I’m over 30 too. But even I’ve listened to Sunny Day Real Estate. It was the dirty white sheets that were cut into strips, not the flesh.

As for this “new genre of music,” I’ve got two words for you, Michelle: Ian MacKaye.

You know, in a court of law, you can’t file a complaint without stating a statute. Having a supporting argument is one of those nifty things that maintain due process and keep a good subject matter convincing. The ignorance with which these so-called “higher beings” dispense their wisdom amuses me. But I’m troubled by how many hangers on are duped by their faux punditry.


  1. She’s writing for Town Hall and has a book advertised at the bottom of the page about the need for racial profiling. You expected better from her or something?

  2. Ms. Malkin is a notorious conservative provocateuse, along the lines of Anne Coulter but with less cleavage. Her biggest recent publicity grab was a lengthy defense of U.S. WW2 Japanese interment camps.

    I dare say she is a more worthy subject for your wrath than the Ipod.

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