There’s Sarah Jessica Parker and Then There’s PEOPLE

Sarah Jessica Parker: “Part of me is happy that people who could not afford HBO will now have the opportunity to meet the four women whose love lives were chronicled on the show.”

Who are these people, Sarah? Okies wandering the Midwest? Crazed gypsies? Hobos? The rabble? The great unwashed? With invitations like yours, I’m sure these people that we shall not identify, probably smart enough to do other things than sit on their asses watching HBO all day, will love strutting into your vapid world of shoes and affluence.

I saw the first season of Sex and the City shortly after reading Bushnell’s book. I haven’t seen a single episode since. Beyond my DVD rental and reading mistakes, I regret nothing.

(via Beatrice)


  1. Haha – part of her? I can imagine the other part. “Oh mah gawd, if they can’t afford HBO then they won’t be able to understand why Carrie buys $40,000 worth of shoes!”

  2. What a clueless dumbass bitch.
    Most anyone except the extremely poor could “afford HBO” if they chose to spend their money on it. Health insurance? Maybe not – but HBO – definitely. Most people have cable or satellite. Not all, but most. And HBO is only like an extra $10 a month.
    I know cable TV is a luxury to some, but not “unaffordable” if that’s what you want to spend money on instead of going out to eat or drink or whatever.
    Now some people *choose* not to spend their hard-earned dollars on crap like HBO, probably because a lot of their programming offers nothing but vapid shows like “Sex in the City” (I saw it twice, I think. Neither time did it seem to have much to do with either sex or New York.) And the bulk of their offerings are the same movies over and over in heavy rotation that usually have come out on DVD 6 months or a year before. I don’t really “get” premium cable. I suppose it may be worth it if you really like some of the original shows and movies. We get Showtime primarily because of “Queer as Folk” and because buying it in a bundle was the only way Dish would give us Bravo, IFC, Sundance, and a few other channels.

  3. “Okies wandering the Midwest?” Um, this fashion-loving lady in Fargo loves the show, does not have HBO (because SATC was one of the only good things on it), and wonders why you all bothered to put down someone as classy as SJP?

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