1. I don’t have a bedroom. I have a main room. And even though I’m not Catholic, the television is frequently turned to the wall like a picture of the Pope.

  2. i have a television in my bedroom, i use to distract myself and to put myself into late night movies so i don’t think about things, but things i have thought about have apparently got me nowhere. nowhere is the same state since high school, like im practicing for hell to live in ignorant loser land, but, i now listen to audio books about the america and its politics, i found out 1 percent of america, the rich, own corperations that sell ads for other rich pals who own corperations so they can monopolize categories of products with brainwashing tactics envied by hitler, you know big booze, and big cell phone, etc. won’t fry in hell because we choose to smoke or watch television, we do choose these things, but addiction babies, i was one, born into this, so for that, i hope they fry in hell, think of a baby not born yet, it will be born into brainwashing cartoon land, you have pressure from neighborhood nuckleheads to have your baby as it grows to watch the same toons and get the merchandise as with there little jeffry. the key to life is audio books, i would not tolerate what i wrote here unless it was read to me by vincent price after he drank ten gallons of brandy!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. i read, i mean listed to, another strategy of what the rich television propaghandists do, they use the, we care about people and you care about your neighbors and everyone care about each other approach. take a basket of 300 million dogs, you love dogs, i love dogs, all kinds, mans best pal, but some of them bite, some of them can rip your knee cap off and some may just piss on your bed, but i forgive, forgive, forgive, i am bias with pitbulls, i dont like them and usually the people that buy them are dirtbags with small nuts and several tattoos, and a muscle car for the zero nuts, this is one of my personality flaws and if i had the patience i could fear and loath a many throughout the 300 million barrel of canines, the point is, when the orange juice commercial has the old farmer diving to the to the shrubs in which the grocery store isle is on the opposite side of that with a women pushing a cart, do you think this one lonely guy with a package filled with blood, with blood filled with budwieser and his head filled with perversion from tossing around slander and poison tongue with his pocker buddies is going to really care if that straner who is a women is going to give her offspring enough vitamin c resources on this grocery store trip? The rich approved this to sell their product sort of how they creat Bush to be a Bible thumping god fearing simple cowboy. Hey rich people, after the grocery shopper pepper sprays the rapist with the OJ and bush can complete an entire cue card proverb, i think we can hang up the hope. vitamin c is good for your bones to defend the rapist may be a better approach

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