They Want Grande, Not Pequeño

There’s now a rumor being floated around that Apple has a Video iPod in the works for September.

I have two words on why such a device will completely and utterly fail: Video Walkman.

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  1. Hmmm . . . this would make a certain amount of sense. Apple needs to compete with cell phones, which are reputed to soon be able to play mp3s a la the iPod (hence the new iPods that display/store pictures). from that POV, moving on to video would be a logical next step.

    not to say that anyone would want to watch a viedo on their iPod–I think any potential video iPod is more intended for transportation and viewing at a separate location. however, given than even the biggest iPods could probably only hold a few hours of video, i don’t see how this would be surperior to just hauling around a few DVDs.

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