This Post May or May Not Be Satire

The final word on style:



were all so fatigued down here jimmy why dont you crack corn no i dont care seez there sit on my lap with the monkey yes he was good and he grows too if only you understood virility as much as i do even if i’m older than you and yes yes yes bust my basketballs and replace them with breasts mighty casabas and a large pair of pantaloons pantalettes panties pants trouser snakes in the garter strap it on hard backwards see, that way lies excess. it was a tale twice told by idiots signifying nothing. yet how easy twas before. when all the hype glassed emetic, hermetically sealed beneath sugar sugar. aw honey honey now forever associated with bastard bee, smart-looking dapper wings not a bad bone in the little insect’s body. there he is strutting around for some cereal. it’s enough to make you quit eating all this commercial rubbish, but then try and walk a day without passing the time.

the time had come to shoot the television. why waste hours on that sort of thing? in two hours, you could probably have some long really nice sex, unprotected if you were willing to take a risk. wow, kid, that’s gutsy. or in that time you could read half a mystery novel, provided it was entertaining, fast-moving, typeset with very wide line spacing and fairly short. but is that just as bad as the glass orb in the little room?

or you could have a nifty conversation with a stranger, assuming that the stranger sticks around and was willing to spill things about his/her/its life. most people are, you know.

but wither testicles? yes, it’s time for the operation. what you’ll need to do is slice the side then scoop in with a spoon DON’T FORGET THE MORPHINE remove some fluid that causes this hernia nightmare and then drill DON’T FORGET THE MORPHINE or if you’re daring wander about like tom green with only one. what would it be like to have three buttocks and one testicle? what would it be like to have breasts? beyond staring at the mirror all day, i’d probably spend all that time testing their sensitivity. i’d also see how well i’d do DON’T FORGET THE X in a wet t-shirt contest. maybe.


hey, trio. get lost. we’re trying to free associate.


yeah, you too. don’t be shocked. don’t pretend as if this is anything other than rainy day speculation.


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