This Week in Food Chain Problems

San Francisco Chronicle: “When the climate warms, there is a drop in the abundance of the ocean’s phytoplankton, the tiny plants that feed krill, fish and whales, according to scientists who say the just-released research offers new clues to future life under global warming. Ocean temperatures bounce up and down, but over the past century they have been warming along with the atmosphere. Nine years of NASA satellite data released today in the journal Nature show that the growth of phytoplankton drops in warm ocean years and increases in cooler ocean years.”


  1. Dennis Miller was on Jay Leno the other night and held up a 1971 scientific journal crying out the ‘downfall of all’ as scientists predict global cooling and the dramatic effects it was having on our oceans. That was only 30+ years ago!
    Now we have a complete 180 degree turn? I don’t think they have anywhere near a handle on this yet.
    Where I live we have large open prairie and the scientists are crying “dust bowl” and “Desert” in a hundred years. Then a soil erosion specialist at the University does a report and says that we are simply in a cyclical change and that the prairies were like that 300 to 400 years ago that is in fact how the prairies came to be.

    Global warming-status quo….no one knows. My two bits.

  2. Well Dude I think it was Popular Science or American Science or something of that nature. Dennis did show it as he opened the mag to the article of which he quoted.

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