Tim Robbins Goes Nuts

Tim Robbins has written a play called Embedded. In These Times has an excerpt. And it demonstrates what happens when a well-intentioned writer goes crazy with the preaching:

Dick I’d like to call this meeting of the Office of Special Plans to order.

Gondola Here, here.

Dick War in Gomorrah progress report.

Gondola War in Gomorrah progress report.

Dick Rum Rum, how does it look?

Rum Rum We are currently sufficiently deployed, locked and loaded, cocked and ready, chompin’ at the bit, poised for engagement, steady ready Freddy.

Dick Excellent. How’s the coalition building?

Rum Rum Slow, but good news. Luxembourg is in. As to the rest of them—Germany, France, Russia—I say, fuck ‘em.

Pearly White Double fuck France.

Well, double fuck me.

Tim Robbins has written and directed some compelling movies. Bob Roberts is pointed in its comic targets, Dead Man Walking is gripping as hell, and the finale of Cradle Will Rock is really something special. But there’s a reason why Stolen Kisses stands the test of time, and Woodstock (also made around 1968) doesn’t. And I’m not sure that Tim Robbins knows it.

Here’s a few hints, Tim: All Quiet on the Western Front, Paths of Glory, Grand Illusion.

(via Greencine)

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