To Do List of Desirable Online Tasks (Though Some of Them Are Unlikely to Happen Anytime Soon)

  • What the loss of Jerry Goldsmith means (in depth)
  • The State of Books & the NYTBR, Part 2
  • Continued updates on pertinent backlogged posts for 2004 (I was doing it long before Kottke, thank you)
  • A public response to what lit blogs are all about (corralling and finally addressing a number of points I was exchanging with Mark months ago), what they have done so far, and where we can go from here.
  • A redesign of this place.
  • Launch of the Wrestling an Alligator enhanced site.
  • A photographic explanation of who or what Dr. Mabuse is (incriminating evidence to accompany)
  • Possible reinstatement of 1999-2003 online material (more likely, greatest hits)