Tod Goldberg vs. Parade Magazine

A saner man would simply throw his issue of Parade into the dustbin, pretending that the dreaded Sunday supplement simply wasn’t a part of the newspaper and taking a complacent munch from his lightly jellied English muffin. But not Tod Goldberg. His ongoing commitment to not only reading, but reporting upon the horrors of Parade has caused him to become desperately obsessed in an Ahabesque sense. And the results have, from my comfortable Brooklyn nook, been hilarious to watch. Goldberg’s become so desperate that he’s now penned an open letter to editor Lee Kravitz. Can a Parade Brownie Watch or a Kravitz-issued restraining order be next?

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  1. Parade. ugggghhhh. what can I say, except that it’s been years since I read that atrocity? That’s the one that’s got Marilyn VosSavant answering questions because she has the “highest IQ” and her answers are usually so inane that I find it not worthwhile to read her column. I don’t need the brainteasers either.

    rest of the magazine – you said it.

    now can we get rid of all those advertisements too?

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