Transcript from “Larry King Live”

The Larry King Live James Frey transcript is now up and features the following exchange:

KING: Do you ever worry, Lynne, that your son’s blatant fabrication might be part of some pathological impulse? I mean, the kid’s clearly sold his soul and lied to the world. That can’t exactly be the mark of a healthy human being.

L. FREY: I never worry, Larry. You see, I’m getting some of that money too. That’s why I showed up tonight. I, or rather the woman I’ve been hired to fill in for, have a vested financial interest in my son’s career. And, well…between you and me, Larry, I’ve got a fabricated memoir in me too.

KING: Do you worry that your son might hole up in his $2 million apartment and start writing an angry book with strangely capitalized nouns about Neal Pollack?

FREY: Allow me to jump in here, Larry. Pollack is clearly a hopeless case. I’ll never be able to live his kind of life. Understand that I hate nobody here and I’m not about to confess to you and the people watching that it’s amused me greatly that you all believed the lies. Even though that notion is wrong. The fact that Oprah was duped and is too proud to confess this has me seriously considering a return to the high life of drugs. But I won’t. Because for all my lies and deceit, I’m a reformed man. And why shouldn’t they believe me? They believed Nixon when he gave his Checkers speech.

KING: You know, Jerzy Kosinski killed himself.

L. FREY: So did Hemingway.

FREY: Greatness, Larry. Isn’t that what we’re really talking about? I’m the greatest writer of my generation. That’s why Oprah picked me. I’m a walking inspiration for hoodlums everywhere. Fabricate your lives and feel the soothing sting of easy cash and liberation.

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