Trent Reznor Sets Precedent?

Listen to the new NIN album for free. (via MeFi)

[UPDATE: Okay, so I’m seven songs in and it’s not bad (I like “Hyperpower!” and “The Good Soldier”). “Capital G,” however, is the silliest Nine Inch Nails song of all time. Someone should tell Trent to stay out of politics. He’s better crooning and wailing in melodramatic angst, as if tied up at some BDSM sex party.]


  1. I agree, it’s not bad, but it doesn’t stick with me or make me want to listen to it again. It’s certainly better than “With Teeth.” I tend to stick with “Pretty Hate Machine” and “The Downward Spiral.”

    I think Trent is setting a precedent, at least for himself. This one came out pretty quickly, by his standards.

  2. Did you happen to catch Neil Young’s “Living with War” site, which streamed the album for free before it was released (without any registration or anything)?

  3. Merge Records sream most of their records in full for several months. And also, Thrill Jockey has their entire catalogue on line to listen to.

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