Twin Farms — Sinclair’s Steel Trap?

Twin Farms, the working farm where Sinclair Lewis and Dorothy Thompson (inspiration for the Hepburn film Woman of the Year) once resided, is alive and well — today, well populated by tourists. But it’s worth noting that Lewis’ worst books came after 1928, the year he moved to Twin Farms. So either Twin Farms is a bona-fide source of depleting inspiration, or a beatific menagerie guaranteed to trap and sap talent. Whatever the case, Lewis might be glad to know that talent is the only thing being fleeced. Tourists have been paying as much as $2,600 a night.


  1. Ack! Twin Farms is down the road from my in-laws place and has been transformed into a snooty, expensive, all-inclusive resort. I wouldn’t say the folks who can afford to stay there are tourists. I mean, that part of VT is gorgeous, but those folks are not good neighbors. Don’t get the ‘Fesser started on the crimes of TF…

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