Uwe Boll is a Disturbed Man

Ain’t It Cool News: “As a guest of Uwe Boll they will be given the chance to be an extra/stand-in in Postal and have the opportunity to put on boxing gloves and enter a BOXING RING to fight Uwe Boll. Each critic will have the opportunity to bring down Uwe in a 10-bout match.”

ALS0: Dinner with Uwe Boll. He couldn’t even get into film school, so he attended, in his words, “as a guest.” Part 2.

(via Defamer)

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  1. HI,

    Nice to see you have the story up. Thought I would share that my site was actually the one to break the news as you can see by the url we had it up the day before anyone and we have been cited at Rotten Tomatoes, Gamespot, Dark Horizons, Jo Blo and others as the source.

    The main reason I am writing as you may want to have a look at the SEED story on the page as well as it is a follow up.


    Gareth Von Kallenbach

    Skewed and Reviewed.

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