Vollmann Gets Sampled

Pitchfork: “Sometimes O.Lamm follows his whims too far, as on “Electric Emily”, an allusion to a William Vollmann story with yipping samples and murky percussion that irritate more than they exhilarate.”

I’m very curious what O.Lamm would do with “Under the Grass” or “The Grave of Lost Stories” (both contained within Thirteen Stories and Thirteen Epitaphs) assuming, of course, that the latter doesn’t count as “fan fiction.” (Thanks for the tip, Tito!)


  1. I met Olivier Lamm two days ago, we went together to a reading that William H Gass gave in Paris to celebrate the french translation of “The Tunnel”. What Pitchfork’s reviewer probably doesn’t know is that studies american literature, handing papers onn subjects such as noise in “JR” and “The house of leaves”, and reviews american fiction for a french magazine. He has a blog (in French), that is unfortunately barely updated, where he writes about both music and literature:


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