I was third in line, the first to return the mammoth five-sheet ballot in the machine, which I had spent hours researching last night and this morning.

I have to commend the volunteers at the Page Street Library. Last year, I experienced problems. But it seems that there has been serious reform. The woman who hectored me about voting a particular way last year had disappeared. In fact, the Department of Elections has become much stricter about the dissemination of political information near polling places. Outside the library, one gentleman was asked to remove his button because he was well within 100 feet of the polling place. In light of the endless machine-oriented calls (Ah-nuld apparently called me last night at 10:02 PM) and the despicable robocalls reported, it’s good to know that some areas of the nations still care about ethical elections.

Now comes the midterm elections, which I am now prepared to accept whichever way they turn out. It’s really anybody’s game at this point. The polls are close, yet the stakes are high.

In discussing the matter with friends, there have been comparisons to the so-called 1994 “Republican revolution,” should the Democrats manage to take back both houses. I think it’s naive to assume that any big sweep is going to mean dancing in the streets. If we do this, this is the first battle in a long war to undo the damage that these bozos have inflicted upon the country.

Can the Democrats be counted upon to show some spine? Let’s not kid ourselves. But I think any liberal can agree that a tug of war is better than getting sodomized.

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