We Can’t Be Funny Anymore We Can Be Funny, We Just Prefer to Stay Sane So We’re Taking a Break

The news is so fundamentally awful and depressing that we’ve now resorted to heavy drinking hanging with friends and disconnecting for a tad so that the profound rage, hopelessness and sorrow we feel doesn’t spread like a cancer into the depths of our soul — the way these incompetents in power want it to. We’ll be back on Tuesday.

[UPDATE: We walked thirty miles in 24 hours. If that doesn’t give you a sense of the crazed lengths we’ve gone to in order to remain calm, nothing will. Of course, wiser folks looking at our neuroses from the outside have been kind enough to put things into perspective. We speak for us (and them) in suggesting that you at least spend about twelve hours away from your television set (pointing out that recusal doesn’t necessarily translate into abdicating one’s responsibilities to stay informed!), doing something modest and without thought that reminds you of the world’s profound wonders. When in doubt, feed the ducks or flirt with someone.]


  1. I agree Ive been drinking my ass off and just in tears man because for so many years people have not really believed that this goverment treats people of poverty like shit, but the picture was clear as fucking day this time and they are being caught in lies now and Im glad not thinking things will change but there is no more denile and no more being called ignorant and now it can be said and seen by everyone in the world that there is a problem with racism and the treatment with the lower and middle class and now what is a solution.

  2. The key here: Modulate your news exposure, donate or volutneer to the Red Cross (they need volunteers to help process all the checks coming in) and be good to yourself. As bad as this is, one cannot live in complete misery like this. And it is extemely important to laugh — which is why I pulled away for a mite.

  3. I wish I could follow your example — I’m still sucking up news and ranting like, well, the husband. At least our neighbors have no doubts (if they did before this week) about our feelings about this current government.

    Giving blood yesterday made drinking heavily a poor option. I’ve replenished and will be joining you! Those Ed readers who are Type A, the Red Cross is desperately seeking platelet donors (the husband was tapped to give this way yesterday) — it takes a little more time, but will make you feel like you’re doing something!

  4. Absolutely — I spent yesterday more or less away from the news, save a few tidbits gleaned from the feed machine. We spent some time outside; took a canoe down a really long creek (practically a river) with some minor whitewatery bits. I started a really great book (by Jeff Ford, The Girl in the Glass). I feel massively more sane and better able to think in general. The 24 hour news cycle is the way to madness.

  5. React immediately (as possible) and as positively as possible. I gave to Red Cross and I’ve been keeping in touch with a friend who lives in Florida. I dedicated one evening to watching the news and that’s about it. I learned from 9/11 to not completely immerse my skull in the media craziness.

    Before you know it you’re… leaving messages in the ‘comments’ of weird websites.

    heh. Go watch the remaining episodes you haven’t watched of SmallVille, my lobstrosity of a friend.

  6. Read.

    Vonnegut. Heller, Orwell, (Allen) (Jim)Ginsberg,Harrison, Algren,(Cormac) McCarthy,Everett, (George) Saunders…

    Read more.

  7. Whoops!

    Read. (2.0)

    Vonnegut. Heller, Orwell, (Allen) Ginsberg, (Jim)Harrison, Algren,(Cormac) McCarthy,(Percival)Everett, (George) Saunders…

    Read more.

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