We Did It!

On Friday, 49 people saw the premiere of Wrestling an Alligator. Which means we sold out (I think). I wasn’t able to completely read the audience reaction from the booth, but we got laughs, gasps, applause, and at least one positive review. Our cast did spectacularly well and we were praised to the nines by audience members while I was loading the van. All of which was far more than I hoped for.

I can’t say enough great words about the people who run the San Francisco Fringe Festival (much less the surprise audience members who showed up on Friday). All of them have been extremely kind and supportive. And if you’re in the San Francisco area, I highly encourage you to check out the numerous shows presented.

And then there’s us. There are still three more opportunities to see us. Location again is the Exit at Taylor theatre, located at 277 Taylor Street.

The three remaining shows are:

Friday, 9/17/04: 10:00 PM
Saturday, 9/18/04: 4:00 PM
Sunday, 9/19/04: 2:30 PM

Please be sure to join the fun. Only $8!

Now excuse me while I go collapse.


  1. Ed, congratulations. I think putting on a play is one of the toughest things artistically, but the euphoria on the night is worth it. Glad everything went well, and hope you get full houses for the remaining three nights.

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