We’ll Hunt Down Every Last One of Those Hand Cream Carrying Terrorists If It’s the Last Thing We Do

BBC: “A woman passenger has been arrested after a flight from London to Washington was diverted to Boston because of an on-board disturbance….She was carrying hand cream – a banned item – and matches on board the United Airlines flight. The aircraft was escorted into Logan airport by two jet fighters.”


  1. Mysophobia, man. While that’s the “fearo f being contaminated with germs”, it applies here. I think everyone in their life, whether they believe in an afterworld or not, comes to that flash point where they are faced with their own mortality, frailty, expiration date.

    Dude, DEATH IS INEVITABLE. So, the question becomes this: how do we face it?

    Likewise, I think any thinking bean out there has concluded that ANY cunning individual, given the right kind of will power and compunction, will find a way to harm others. Even a Nerf toy can be used as a terrorist device, if prepped right.

    So then… the question shouldn’t be “how do we prevent this?” but rather “how do we react, fight back if necessary?”

    Remember: on 9/11, one plane didn’t make it’s terrorist mark, because the peopel in the plane FOUGHT THE FUCK BACK.

    Then again, we ARE talking the exception to the rule. Most Americans are so lazy as to WANT the government ot do all the work for them. It’s not a preventative thing, folks, it’s a proactive thing. Take a role, take a stand if you want to keep living or keep others from killing. Stopping one hapless lady from accidnetly bringing onboard some hand cream not enough.

    It’s a finger in the dam.

  2. I don’t want itchy, flaky skin! I don’t want hands like an old half-man, half-leather beast! Don’t let the terrorist win – hand cream for all! (please note, offer does not apply to terrorists, or any male of middle-eastern appearance. Or anyone with a funny foreign name).

    ps – Can I be escorted to work by two jet fighters? Tuesday’s good for me.

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