Well, Who Needs Roe v. Wade?

H.R. 3920: To allow Congress to reverse the judgments of the United States Supreme Court.

The collective hubris and the wholesale lack of regard for the U.S. Constitution angers me beyond words. I’m now fully convinced that nobody on Congress knows how to count. (There are three branches of government, not two. Three!)

(via MeFi)


  1. Presidents can, as Bush has done, make recess appointments to the federal courts. Like Jefferson and Jackson, he can interpret the Constitution and ignore Supreme Court orders. A strong president would lead Congress in reasserting the supremacy of the first and second branches of the U.S. government over the third branch.

    Congress has the power to impeach federal judges and remove them. It has the power to impose term limits on them. It has the power to restrict the jurisdiction of all federal courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court. It has the power to abolish every federal court but the Supreme Court. But it has refused to use that power. Read your Constitution.

    Yes, there are 3 branches of government, not 1. The Courts need to be reminded of that.

    Denounce those intent on destroying the family, seeking to transform us into solitary consumption drones, economic and social digits, with no eyes for Reality!

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