We’re Not in Kansas Anymore, Teachout

Wait a minute. Teachout’s listening to Toto? I could understand Journey. Twist my arm and you could even make a case for Foreigner. But Toto? He really must be sick. Our hope is that we can get Teachout’s toes tapping to Built to Spill or the Magnetic Fields and back to robust health. Nevertheless, we wish him well and suggest you buy his new book.

As for us (And this will be our last use of first person plural for the year. How did we get sucked into this stylistic vice? Worse than nicotine, I tell ya. Just as bad as parenthetical asides.), we’re overcapacitated. Expect us to return tomorrow. Maybe.

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  1. Toto–my God, I feel a mullet coming on. And what about George Strait? Did someone spike TT’s Cabernet with chewing tobacco?

  2. Next up: Death Cab for Cutie….t

  3. Perhaps a little Boston? Or even Foghat. It’s my birthday by the way. Woo hoo.

  4. Wha? Toto IV is the jam.

    Then again, I can’t recommend the Mag Fields enough–just saw them live in Boulder. Good stuff.

  5. Hey, one of MY favorite MP3 is “Heat of the Moment,” which I think tops Toto for sheer tackiness. But then, I listen to “MacArthur Park” with near-total sincerity, so I’m clearly just a sick, sick man.

  6. You mean “Heat of the Moment” by Prog Rock Supergroup Asia? Oh, Ron.

    The only thing I remember about Asia was a review by JD Considine in Musician magazine years ago. Asia’s album was called “GTR.” Considine’s review: “SHT.” Rock criticism don’t get no better than that, ladies and gentlemen.

  7. Hey, do NOT diss Boston – Brad Delp is the messiah.

  8. Okay, I’ll cop to Re-Flex’s “The Politics of Dancing.”

  9. Don’t forget Toto is responsible for the score for Lynch’s Dune. Love that movie.

  10. Toto. Jeez. Some people just don’t know good music when they hear it. Night Ranger – now there’s a band.

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