What Characters Read Books on Television?

The above screenshot is from a Three’s Company episode called “The Lifesaver,” in which even the dimwitted Chrissy Snow could be seen reading a book. The novel is Concerto of Love (fictional, of course) and Chrissy had only reached Page 4. But it does have me wondering. In 1979, even sitcom characters who were more than a few cards short of a full deck were still committed to reading in some form. Can we say the same thing in 2010? What television reading moments have you seen lately?

UPDATE: Here are some observations from Twitter.

Ron Charles: “Isn’t that odd. There are rarely any books in their homes…”
eBookNewser: “There is an episode of the Rockford Files where Jim is reading some kind of detective novel. Tom Select is in the episode.”
Mark Athitakis: “Best-read character on a show currently on the air: Brian Griffin” and “‘Mad About You’ may be the exception that proves the rule.”
James Othmer: “Draper: Meditations in an Emergency; other Mad Men selecs: Lady Chatterly, The Best of Everything, The Sound & the Fury.”
John Williams: “I imagine Lisa Simpson is pretty well read for her age.”
Mike Cane: “Well, duh, CASTLE. But he also writes them.”
Colleen Mondor: “Has anyone mentioned Rory on THE GILMORE GIRLS yet? It was a hallmark of her character.”
Levi Asher: “hmmm … the youngest kid in “Good Times” was often seen carrying or quoting from a book … Dale Cooper … Lucy Ricardo.”

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  1. Bunk on THE WIRE was reading Laura Lippman.

  2. Lost. Sawyer was reading all the time. Here is a list of the books read/mentioned on the show.

    There were some other Wire reading moments. Wasn’t one of Omar’s boyfriends reading Drama City?

  3. There is much reading on the hilarious UK series Black Books. Black owns a bookstore and he would much prefer that the customers piss off and leave him alone to read (and drink) in peace. He is reluctant to even sell his books.

  4. Ah, one more – Mad Men – books actually play a role in a number of episodes – titles include Lady Chatterley’s Lover, Rona Jaffe’s The Best of Everything and Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged.

  5. See The John Larroquette Show:

    JL is a (rare) book collector in Real Life, I believe.

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